Tuition Assistance

Helping fund the dream of education for students.

Education is priceless.

When you gain education, go to school or learn something new, that can never be taken away from you. Learning and obtaining an education is an investment in who you are as a person and can change the course of your life forever.

Education in Belize, while priceless, comes with a price tag. All schools in the country are tuition-based from Pre-K through high school. Like the United State's private education system, tuition varies greatly from school to school but they all require a fee to attend.

We are committed to ensuring students who cannot afford to go to school get the opportunity to attend.

We have partnered with the staff at Excelsior High School in Belize City to help with determining which children need the assistance the most and work directly with parents to better understand their financial situation to determine how we can best support their children. Our donations are given directly to Excelsior High School for the tuition of qualified students. Because we are passionate about investing in their education, students we sponsor are required to keep their grades up and display exceptional behavior. We meet with these students when we visit Belize and Excelsior High School to provide support, guidance and mentorship, ensuring their continued academic success through graduation.

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