Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Helping Belizean citizens put their best foot forward when seeking a new job.

Applying for a new job comes with lots of different emotions. Excitement, nerves and hopes that you will be selected as the ideal candidate from a pool of others, taking on a position that will help you provide for yourself and your family while growing as a professional and a person.

Most of us have a resume and cover letter that we use to woo potential employers. This magical document contains all of our professional highlights – projects we’ve spearheaded and completed, roles we’ve held and developed, skills we have to help tackle the position we are seeking and our educational experiences that make us the ideal potential team member.

But for people in Belize, a resume and cover letter aren’t something that most people have on hand. In fact, writing and formatting both a cover letter and resume can be a foreign concept, which, when seeking employment, can put them at a disadvantage. We want to help bridge the gap between job seekers and employers and give every person in Belize the best chance possible to seek and secure employment.

That is why we offer a cover letter and resume writing workshop at no cost to Belizean citizens. During a one-on-one phone, we talk to individuals about their personal work experience, capturing details about previous positions and learning more about their skills and education. Once we have learned about who they are and what makes them unique, we assist in formatting and writing their resume and cover letters, personalizing them for the employer and role they are applying for. Once the documents have been finalized, we email or mail these documents to the individual so that they can submit their applications. We also keep their resume and cover letter on file for future use, edits and needs.

To date, we have helped 48 citizens of Belize create their own persona resume!

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