Entrepreneurship Program

We believe that entrepreneurship has the power to transform the lives of people and communities simply through the freedom that comes with owning and running a small business.

So many young people in Belize get caught up in gang activity with the promist of quick and easy money. Because of the poverty and unemployment rate in the country, it is understandable why young people find themselves trying to provide for themselves and their families through illegal means.

But what we see in these young people is not a knack for criminal activity but rather an earnest hustle and entrepreneurial spirit. If you break it down to its simplest forms, these individuals are enterprising – they are providing a product or service to a high demand market. Sure, the product or service they’re providing isn’t ideal, but you can see that they have the drive to not only earn money but to earn it on their own terms.

All these young people need is help channeling this entrepreneurial hustle into legal and viable business opportunities. That is why we offer an entrepreneurship program to equip young people with tools and resources they need to create their own businesses.

Our entrepreneurship program is designed to introduce young men and women to the principles of starting and running a new business. Developed by our founder, Amy, this hands-on program gives students the framework and understanding they need to begin their entrepreneurial journey. Using a workbook and PowerPoint presentation, Amy walks students through the fundamentals of business – finance and accounting; marketing and sales; business registration and tax requirements of Belize.

Participants also have the opportunity to take additional workshops to learn how to create and execute a business plan to take their business from paper to reality. At the end of the second course, participants can submit their business plans to Beauty in Belize for review with the chance of our investing in their business ideas! We have provided seed funding to build a food stand, helped in the creation of professional logos for businesses and invested in business signage for some participants.

These courses are offered at no cost to any participant who is interested in learning more about how to start their own business.

As of July 10, 2020 we have assisted with the following businesses:
- TeamUs Automotive Detailing in Belize City
- Fresh Cutz Barber Shop in Belize City
- Donated over 75 chickens to Yajaira’s Farming business in Orange Walk
- More Than Just Cakes Bakery in Orange Walk
- Aaron’s Barber Shop in Belize City
- King Ink Tattooing in Ladyville & Belize City
- D.D.’s Food Stand in Hattieville
- Provided six weedwhackers, rakes and eye protection to young men who need to make an income throughout Belize City.

Our Goal for the 4th quarter of 2020 and for the year of 2021:
- Facilitate the Introduction to Entrepreneurship courses in three more towns/villages in southern Belize.
o Invest in two small businesses in each village
- Raise enough funds to assist a particular day care and build a small beauty salon for two women who have already started their businesses, they just need assistance with marketing - we would be building the nail salon!

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