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Interview with Excelsior High School Guidance Counselor, Greta Jenkins

We've had the privilege to work with Greta for over three years to help support and encourage the students at Excelsior High School. We had a chance to chat with her about what school is like in Belize.

How much is it annually to attend Excelsior and how much are uniforms and books? 

The annual fee for Excelsior is $345.00BZ, uniform is around $80.00BZ and books are $300.00BZ or so. The Belizean dollar is about double that of the U.S. dollar.

How has Beauty in Belize, Inc.’s donations helped students academically? 

Beauty in Belize helps students academically because by providing food and school fees for students it frees them up not to worry about these things and concentrate on their grades only.

What projects have Beauty in Belize, Inc. & Excelsior High School worked on together? 

Beauty in Belize has done feeding program, sporting programs, they have donated laptop and also paid school fees for many students and also provided school supplies , hygiene products and also Ms. Amy had been a mentor to the students they look forward to seeing her every year. She has been a support to Excelsior High School, the students and the Counseling Department.

Is every child responsible to pay school Fees annually? If they’re unable to pay is the child permitted to proceed to the next form or graduate? 

Every child is responsible to pay their school fees annually however if they cant pay it we still allow them to come to school . In the case of graduation they can graduate but they wont get their diploma until they pay what they owe.

Is there assistance available for parents who cannot afford to pay for their child’s school fees? 

The Counseling Department offers some support to parents who cannot afford to pay their child's school fees by trying to find and finding sponsors for students school fees.

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