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Honoring Moms on Mother's Day

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We surprised a deserving mom to help fix her home

Moms do so much to make a house feel like a home. Cooking, cleaning, decorating and ensuring everyone in their lives feels safe, secure and, most importantly, loved. Moms really are a gift. But as amazing as moms are, sometimes they need a hand up when it comes to tackling projects.

Many families throughout the country of Belize are in need of home repairs or to rebuild their home completely. The average cost of building a two bedroom, one bathroom home in Belize is about $10,000USD.

Like in the US, not everyone is a home repair expert, and sometimes you have to call in the help of skilled individuals to help fix, or completely redo, parts of your home. Because poverty is a real problem for many families in Belize, the cost to repair homes is sometimes just not realistic. Families are forced to choose between fixing or repairing their houses or feeding, clothing and educating their children. Shelter is one of Masolv's Hierarchy of Needs - we need shelter to feel safe. But when your shelter is rundown, unsafe an in desperate need of repair, how can you feel safe?

Parnterning in Change

In Spring 2019 we learned about a single mother of four children who live in Belize City. She was in need of home repairs for quite some time. From Spring 2019 – Spring 2020 Beauty in Belize received enough funds to surprise this mother on Mother’s Day with news that she will have her home rebuilt! This is just in time for the hurricane season as her roof leaked throughout the home when it rained.

However, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our team could not enter the country and be on the ground to tell her the great news in person. But because of the imperative nature of the project, we didn’t want to delay the project because hurricane season is now here and we are not sure when we would re-enter the country. We trusted in Dr. Candice Pitts to assist us with getting the job done. She was fantastic with organizing the project for us and ensuring transparency and amazing results.

This was a very meaningful project for us. Knowing that a mother of four is now under a safe and secure roof helps us rest easier.

Untraditional Families in Belize

A single parent households is extremely common in Belize. Many lower-sector households in Belize City are headed by single parents, usually women. Female workers generally received lower incomes than their male counterparts and women experienced an unemployment rate 250 percent higher than men. In numerous cases, migration of both parents resulted in children being raised by siblings, older relatives, or friends of the family. Some of the more privileged members of Belizean society perceived that increases in juvenile delinquency, crime, and drug use among Belizean urban youth were directly attributable to breakdowns in family structure (source).

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