Who We Are

Beauty in Belize is dedicated to providing educational resources to the citizens of Belize, ensuring every child has the proper education and tools to succeed. We want every child to feel safe and loved with the opportunity to grow and prosper, creating prosperity and opportunity for themselves, their families and their communities.

We believe that transformational impact begins with education. In the United States, school, teachers and classrooms create an ecosystem that help nurture and inspire young people to pursue their passions and dreams for their future. Education unleashes the dreamer and doer inside every child while helping them realize that they are powerful and important individuals who have the ability to positively impact their future and the future of the world around them.


And that is what we want we are committed to bringing to the young people of Belize.

We believe the young people of Belize have the power to transform their communities and their country through entrepreneurship, leadership and peace.

Our Mission

Beauty in Belize provides hands-on entrepreneurial education and resources to students in Belize to help break the cycle of poverty, stimulate prosperity and cultivate homegrown leaders who will change their communities for the better.


Our Vision

We envision a new generation of community leaders who are passionate and committed to transforming Belize into a country of prosperity and peace through the creation of businesses that provide jobs and stimulate economic development to ensure the financial prosperity of all Belizean citizens.

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